Tuesday, 22 December 2009

6m Contest

Tonight I had a go at the 6m activity contest. I'd been planning to operate from a spot near Ulverston which is 200m ASL (IO84KE, SD253792), but the narrow roads to there were too slippery to drive up, so I had to turn round and find somewhere else.
I set up at SD235748 (IO84JD), just outside of Dalton, which was only about 80m ASL but it was somewhere I could park.
I used the 6m half wave I'd used on Kinder Scout, fixed horizontally to a 12 ft aluminium pole. That was directional to the south, which is where the wind was blowing it, I wanted it a bit more south east than that. In the car I had the IC-7000, auto tuner and an 18Ah SLA battery. I kept the power at 50 watts.
I made 2 QSOs in the contest, twice as many as last month, and my claimed score is 122 points. The best distance was 72km to G1SWH in IO83QO. I could hear some other stations but not very well.

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