Thursday, 24 December 2009

80m WSPR

It's snowed again here, overnight. Which means it will be worse everywhere else as Barrow doesn't really get snow.
I've been doing quite a lot of WSPR on 80 metres over the last few days and I've found that I'm transmitting a lot better than I'm receiving. It's very noisy here on the lower HF bands so the "weak signals" here aren't weak signals at all. 10 MHz seems to be the best band at the moment during the day for WSPR.
Last night I left WSPR on 80m receive only, using the A99 vertical antenna. With this, I received exactly the same one German station which I was getting on the wire.
My Wouxun 4 metre handheld has arrived this morning. Not heard anything on it yet except the packet on 70.3375 MHz. I think all the fire brigade users have gone off 70-71 MHz now and there isn't much on low band PMR.
I've also got a Wouxun dualbandheld and 2 Puxing PX-777s (VHF and UHF).

Some 18 MHz PSK31 received:

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