Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Got my Alinco DJ-G7 today. Not had much of a chance to test it but I did connect it up to my base station antenna to see whether it would cope with the strong signals. It wasn't that bad on 2 metres, but on 70cm the attenuator had to be on to hear anything at all. The biggest signals here are Airwave on 392 MHz and the data on 440 MHz, both from Barrow town centre. Paging isn't a problem any more, I'm nowhere near any paging transmitters so 2 metres isn't as bad as it used to be when using a handheld on an outdoor antenna.
I need to go up a hill where there will be some 23cm activity. Next week's trip to Scotland might not be the best one to try 23cm but I'll have the handheld with me when I go up Criffel anyway, mainly just to listen to stuff.

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