Wednesday, 16 December 2009

APRS logs

I've had a look at my APRS station info page and it shows that I'm being received by MB7UWC at Warrington. MB7UWC never shows up in my stations list so either I'm just not receiving them or it's being repeated somewhere (doubtful as no other stations logged my beacon message at the same time). Also not all my beacon messages are being received by MB7UWC (only one last night), so it could depend on 2 metre propagation over the 59 mile path.
A station which I do receive at home on APRS is GX0RYQ, but they have never received my beacons. The path from me to GX0RYQ is about 120km.
Some information on APRS from G6GVI - reading this got me interested in using APRS.

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