Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Arnside Knott

Went up Arnside Knott (SOTA G/LD-058) today. I'd planned to try Ingleborough but was a bit late setting off and wasn't sure about the roads so just went to Arnside. Parked on the promenade and walked up the hill from there. I only had my Alinco handheld with me, which would have been OK for somewhere like Ingleborough but only got me 2 QSOs from Arnside Knott, to Morecambe and Settle. It didn't really matter because I'd already activated the summit this year.
There was snow all over the hill and the views of the snow covered Lake District hills were really good.
My WSPR signals are getting to the USA, on 30m to Florida (both ways) and I was even received on 80m last night in Vermont. I seem to be transmitting better than I receive on 80m, probably because of the high noise level here.
The receive IF filter on the Alinco DJ-G7 is too wide for 12.5 KHz channel steps. Often it will stop scanning on the adjacent channel because of this. The squelch is also too slow at opening and too quick at closing.

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