Sunday, 27 December 2009

Lambrigg Fell

Yesterday (Boxing Day) I went to Lambrigg Fell (SOTA G/LD-046) with the family, including my brother Alex G7RNX. After the recent snow, we thought this would be a hill which wouldn't be too hard to get to. Parked by the Sedbergh Road in the entrance to the wind turbines and walked through snow which was knee deep. It was also raining while we were walking up.
We carried quite a lot of gear up there (well we did have 2 parents to carry stuff!) - I had my Yaesu FT-817 and Alinco DJ-G7 handheld, with a Watson W2000 2m/6m/70cm colinear. Alex had built a bi-quad antenna for 23cm out of biscuit tin lid and some wire, which I could use with my handheld.

Alex had the 4m rig, his Wouxun handheld with a Pye A200 amplifier (about 30 watts out for 5 watts in), and a Sirio 4m half wave vertical.

The first attempt at 4 metres didn't go very well, only 2 stations replied to Alex's CQ calls, even after being spotted on Sotawatch by myself. 2 metres FM was better, with 9 QSOs by myself. The problem with 4 metres seemed to be with the coax, so we swapped my coax over to the 4 metre antenna and another 3 QSOs were made by Alex on 4 metres.
On 6 metres, I made one QSO with G1CCL in Morecambe and on 23cm I worked MW1FGQ in Flintshire, who was using a similar antenna indoors. This was my best 23cm DX so far.
I'd already activated this summit in 2009 so got no points, but it was a new one for Alex.

Me at Lambrigg Fell summit

Me (in the hat) and Alex G7RNX at Lambrigg windfarm.

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