Tuesday, 15 December 2009

See Morris Hill

Went up See Morris Hill yesterday (Monday). Took the Yaesu FT8900 up there and 18Ah battery. Parked at NX916776 and walked up the road to the summit. There is a tarmac road all the way up. The top of this hill has a radio mast on it (West FM transmits on 97.0 (coverage map) from here, the site is also known as Riddings Hill), surrounded by a high fence, so there is nowhere with a 360 degree take off. I set up on the side facing Dumfries, with the antenna pole stuck in a fence.
Mast on Riddings Hill:

West FM's antenna:

Even after putting a Sotawatch alert on earlier, and spotting myself when I was on the air, I made only one QSO on 2 metres, with GM4JR/M who was in Dumfries. This was probably the worst response to any SOTA activation I've done, seeing as I'd used the internet and higher power. It was a Monday dinner time though, and last time I'd activated that hill (with 4 or more QSOs) it was a Sunday afternoon. After one contact in half an hour, I gave up as it had started raining. At least I got someone from See Morris Hill.
View from See Morris Hill towards Dumfries:

After that I went into Dumfries and did some shopping before going home for tea.
I've been having some problems with AGW/UI-View in Windows Vista. It works OK with the sound card input (an external USB interface, Edirol UA25) but won't play anything through the sound card output. I could try the onboard sound but my rig interface lead has 1/4 inch jack plugs on it for use with the UA25. Everything works OK in XP.

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