Tuesday, 22 December 2009


I was going to have a walk up Ingleborough today but it doesn't sound a very good idea now so I think I'll stay at home after reading the road reports. The A65 is meant to be blocked at Crooklands. I also wanted to get out somewhere later to do the 6 metres activity contest.
Received last night on 3.580 PSK:
G0MPI (Farnborough)
G0NBD (Wallasey)
M6KAH (Sheringham)
2E0WDS (Wellingborough)
CT4KG (Portugal)
and others.
This was on the A99 vertical, but even though nothing was over S1, the noise is also lower.
Listening to some locals (Kendal, Morecambe) on 3.662 MHz right now (9:30am Tuesday). That's a regular thing, 3.662 around 9am.

I've no antenna at home for 6 metres so last night I tried 3 of my others to see which was best (or least worse). I connected each of them up to the IC-7000 through it's tuner and tuned up around 50 MHz. Then checked the signal of a nearby baby monitor on 49.840 MHz (could hear nothing in the 6m band). These were the signals:
20m end fed half wave = S3-4
4m dipole in loft = S5-6
A99 vertical = S6-7
Then I tried the signal from a hospital paging transmitter on 49.450 MHz:
20m half wave = S3-4
A99 vertical = S6-7
4m dipole in loft = S9
This might be a better test because the hospital is further away and using a proper vertical antenna on the roof.
All antennas would tune up OK with the AT-7000 auto tuner. Some time I'll get a 6 metre dipole in the loft. There is quite a lot of noise being picked up by the loft dipole, probably from the computer which is in the room below it.

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