Saturday, 19 December 2009


Left WinWarbler logging on 14.070 MHz PSK31 over the last day and a bit. The most interesting finds were:
G7NBE (Leicestershire)
ZB2GG (Gibraltar)
VR2XLN (Hong Kong)
GM4ZET (Perth)
9J2AH (Zambia)
EK6YL (Armenia)
1B1AB (Northern Cyprus)
That was using my 14 MHz end fed half wave.

On 18.100 MHz PSK31 this afternoon using the Solarcon A99 antenna I heard:

On my Icom IC-7000, the "data" out on the 6 pin socket doesn't go through the squelch circuit, so it's not much use for feeding to an external amplifier and speakers unless you have an external circuit switched by the "squelch" line. It's OK for any digital modes though. I've got something called a Philips Music Mute somewhere, which is supposed to cut off all the speakers in a car when the car phone is active. That would be good for connecting to the squelch output of a radio. Also, on FM with the receive IF filter setting at 2 or 3 (narrower filters), noise is distorted from the data output (when there is no signal, the background noise sounds like it is clipping digitally inside the receiver). This distortion isn't there on the signal coming out of the headphone socket, and it's only there on FM. Could this affect the sensitivity on weak packet signals? I'm trying it at filter setting 1 receiving APRS and it doesn't seem to be any worse than before, but the deviation will be at a higher level on transmit now I've widened the receive filter.

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