Monday, 28 December 2009


Is there something funny going on with WSPR in Vista? Last night I was getting stations receiving me on 40 metres but I only received one. This morning I changed back to XP and there seemed to be a more equal balance between transmit and receive. Maybe the clock was drifting, I did synchronise it again before I started WSPR up in XP.
I know I get a lot of noise here but it wasn't that bad other days when I was using XP.
There were some lines showing on the waterfall display which looked like valid WSPR signals (2 minutes long) but no messages were being decoded.

I got a USB programming cable with my Wouxun dualbandheld but I can't get it to work (only tried it in Vista though). It'll work with my 4 metre Wouxun (selected COM4 in the programming software) but not with the dual bander's software. But I tried another serial cable (a real one, with DB-9 connector on) into a PCI serial card and that worked.

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