Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Tried another digital mode this morning, WSPR. It's a very low bandwidth (slow) data mode which takes 2 minutes to transmit your callsign and location. Like PSK31, it transmits an SSB signal modulated with an audio tone of 1.5 KHz. Stations who receive your message will upload it to an internet database automatically so you just have to visit WSPRnet to look up your recent DX.
I'm trying the 30m band right now, a band which I've never used before as it's not normally an SSB band. The "carrier" frequency (rig's display) is 10.1387 MHz USB. On the first transmission, I was received by 9 stations, with my 10 watts into the wire.
My transmissions on 10 MHz were getting between 900 and 1800 KM, from France to Finland.
I can check for 2 way contacts by comparing my receive log with the database.
Now to go and finish my Family Guy DVD while my computer does all the work :)

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