Friday, 1 January 2010

6 Metres

Had a 6 metre day today, with an activation of Kirkby Moor (G/LD-049) just on 51 MHz FM and had a 6 metre antenna put up in the loft. 6 metres does seem really noisy here though, even with my PC switched off. Apart from the RSGB news on 51.530 MHz Sundays, the monthly Activity Contest and SOTA activations, there isn't much 6 metre activity in these parts. I can't remember the last time I heard a 6 metre QSO at home.
The 6 metre antenna is on the left in the pictures, it's a Slim Jim with the main half wave section coiled round a fishing pole (there isn't quite room for a full half wave in the loft). The matching section is left trailing along the floor. Supporting the fishing pole is an upturned table which had somehow found its way into the loft.

On the right is the lower half of the 70 MHz dipole.

I've ordered 2 11.1v 4Ah lithium polymer batteries and a charger, to use with my FT-817. At the moment I use a 12v 3.3Ah SLAB but these will be lighter and from what I've read, the FT-817 will be fine at that voltage.

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