Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Gummer's How

On Saturday 23rd January I went up Gummer's How (SOTA G/LD-050). Took the 50 MHz half wave as the main antenna. It was really foggy that day, until I got most of the way up to the car park at Gummer's How.
Made 3 QSOs on 6 metres (G6LKB, G1CCL and G0TDM) 2 QSOs on 4 metres (G6LKB and MW1FGQ) with the Wouxun handheld and its own antenna, as well as some on 2 metres just using my handheld.
4 metres isn't very good with just a handheld, the rubber duck antenna is like 1/20 of a wavelength on 70 MHz and contacts which would be easy on 2 metres are a lot worse. But there are CB handhelds and they have even less efficient antennas, except the ones which had telescopic antennas. That reminds me of the Eurosonic ES-7N CB handheld (the link is to Ebay, it might not be around for ever) which I bought in 1994. It had 2 channels (14 and 31 UK on a slide switch) and 1 watt output from 6 AA cells. The antenna was a telescopic about 60cm long. I got mine from Tandy in Barrow (remember Tandy?) for £25. The bad thing about them was the IF filtering, there was hardly any rejection of the other 38 CB channels so if anybody else was on nearby, the receiver would go quiet. A good radio if you were able to go on channel 31 all the time or if 14 was the local calling channel (it wasn't round here).

Not long afterwards I got a Eurosonic ES200LCD (another Ebay link) which had 40 channels and an LCD display. That one took 10 AA cells and that was before the high capacity rechargables came out.

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