Sunday, 31 January 2010

Mobile WSPR

I'd got WSPR transmitting from a car using my phone to play the tones, but how would it work from a moving vehicle?
I used the FT-817 and phone, this time with a 32 minute .wav (22KHz, 8 bit mono) with 50% transmit cycle, keying the rig by vox. The FT-817 was putting out 5 watts on 28 MHz into a Sirio ML-145 CB antenna on a magmount.
At home I had the WSPR program going, receiving through my IC-7000 and Solarcon A99 vertical. The noise level was about S3 on the Icom's meter in USB.

Here are the SNRs that I received my mobile signal at home (location where the transmission started):
Backbarrow TV mast = -1dB
Haverthwaite Crossroads = -8dB
Arrad Food = -8dB
Ulverston town centre = -7dB
Pennington Lane Ends = +7dB
Dalton Bypass = +9dB
Park Road, Barrow = +12dB
Parked by the TV mast at Backbarrow, it was +2dB.

The A590 beyond Ulverston is difficult to work from the Barrow area.
The start time was synchronised by pressing play when a GPS receiver showed the correct time. Nobody else received my mobile transmission.

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