Sunday, 10 January 2010

Old Photos

Some old photos of how my radio shack and antennas used to look, taken when I lived at Dalton.
Here's one from Summer 1999. This place always seemed to get strong winds, both the pole on the side of the house and the chimney have been damaged by the wind at some point. On the side of the house is the A99 on what must be about 20ft of pole. Below that is a dipole for 2 metres. On the chimney is a Watson W50 dual bander which is leaning over quite badly.

A99 on back of house, with Watson W2000 tri-bander in the background, and a half-size G5RV going from the house to a tree.

My computers in 2004. On the left is an Athlon XP2400, on the right, a Duron 850. The Netgear would have only had a 512K ADSL connection at the time, which seemed fast but not now when I'm getting connection speeds of 10 times that.

The feed point of the half-size G5RV was quite close to the house, so the feeder didn't come away vertically.

The front of the house in 2003. The dipole was for the FM broadcast band. That pole was also to be damaged by the wind in the storms of early 2005.

Radio shack in 2004. Icom IC-2800 dual bander. Alinco DX-77 for HF. Yaesu VX-7 triplebandheld. Yaesu FT-817 hiding in its case.

Old car, January 2006. I had a better magmount and antenna but I'd just bought the car the day before and I needed something to put on it quickly:

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