Friday, 15 January 2010

Practical Wireless

I'm in this month's Practical Wireless! Over a year ago Tom M1EYP asked for a picture which could be used in a magazine article. I'd forgotten all about it until I was told my photo was in there in an article about SOTA.
I don't really notice radio magazines in the shops any more, or take much notice of magazines at all now almost everything can be found online. Once upon a time I'd be stood in the local WH Smiths reading the magazines and maybe buying one if I had saved up the £2. Ham Radio Today, Short Wave Magazine, CB Magazine, Radio Active and Practical Wireless. The other good source of information in the pre-internet days was the Maplin catalogue. It had listings of all the TV and FM radio broadcast transmitters at the front (this was in the early 90s and had stopped by the time they started a catalogue on CD). This was one of the first things that got me interested in radio, I now knew where all the stations were being transmitted from. The Maplin catalogue didn't have grid references of the transmitters though, I had to write to the BBC and ask for a book with those in. I wrote to them for some coverage maps of local transmitters too. That's something which they never put online, but a few have found their way onto the internet at MB21's Transmission Gallery which also has photos of almost every UK broadcast site.
The best thing about the radio magazines were the reviews where they used proper test equipment, like Chris Lorek's reviews in Ham Radio Today.

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