Monday, 1 February 2010

Electronic Organizers

Once upon a time, before the iDevices, there were these things called Electronic Organizers and they had real keyboards, standby times measured in months and displays you could see in the brightest sunlight.
Here is a site with lots of pictures of them, including the Sharp EL-6890 which I have. The display is starting to go on my Sharp so I've ordered a Jaytech JT-32, which seems to be the last available one of these devices (there's a Sharp EL-6910B too, which is also a Spanish translator). I think they're brilliant for portable radio use, standing up to the cold and wet better than most pens and paper. But to be useful they need a full keyboard, both letters and numbers. I used to have another of these which I got in 1995 (from Argos?) and it had about 15KB of memory.

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