Monday, 15 February 2010


I'm now using MixW as a software TNC instead of AGWPE. I'd had lots of problems with AGWPE being unstable in Vista, shutting down with the rig keyed etc. Even in XP it didn't seem that good. To connect MixW with Ui-View and other packet programs, I've got it emulating a TNC on a virtual serial port.
For this I've got MixW's TNC on COM8 and Ui-View connected to COM9.
With MixW you can see more of what's going on, with a waterfall graph and message window showing all the received and transmitted packets.

Here are my settings for:
1)Ui-View's comms
2)MixW's TNC emulation
3)Com0Com's virtual serial ports to link MixW to Ui-View

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