Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Remote Control

I've now got remote control of the Icom IC-7000 over the network at home, with audio too. There is a remote control option in Ham Radio Deluxe but I used a separate serial-over-IP program to send remote commands from Ham Radio Deluxe (or any other program with CAT control) to the radio.
On the PC connected to the radio, the CI-V interface cable is on serial port COM3, it's a USB serial converter. Piracom serial port redirector (free) is used to allow network access to the COM port. At the client PC, HW Virtual Serial Port (free) is used to assign a serial port number to the remote port. To the rig control software running on the client PC, it looks like there is an IC-7000 connected to COM3 by a CI-V interface cable.
But remote control isn't much good unless you can transmit and receive so I've installed PC Telephone at both ends of the link. This can be used for both dialling out to normal phone numbers or just between computers. I set the server to auto answer after 5 seconds of ringing. To call another computer you type in the IP address of the machine you want to connect with.
The audio sounds quite low-bitrate which makes very weak signals hard to hear but it's OK most of the time.
There is a bit of a delay on the rig control, and a few dropouts on the audio but this might be something to do with the wireless network.

I was received by DP1POL in Antarctica last night on 10 MHz WSPR.

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