Sunday, 28 March 2010

10m Mobile

I tried shortening the 10m mobile antenna as far as it would go (last time I tried it was resonant about 32MHz). The resonant frequency went down to around 28.8MHz which is around the middle of the 10m band.

The bottom section on its own is resonant at 53.5 MHz and the top at 57.5MHz (both have 3/8 thread fittings on them)

Yesterday I was up Stoney Cove Pike (SOTA LD-018) and could hear 2 repeaters on 6m. The best was on 50.800 (GB3ZY near Bristol - up to about S1) and the other one on 50.770 was very weak and probably GB3FH in Somerset, unless it was GB3DB at Danbury.
50.800 MHz is also Huddersfield but the stations using the repeater were all in the South West.

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