Sunday, 14 March 2010

Google Maps

Here I am on Google Maps Street View
Most streets and roads are now on there, it's really good for checking out what antennas someone else has up!
I walked up Black Combe (SOTA G/LD-030) this afternoon. Just took the Alinco handheld with its own antenna. Made QSOs on 23cm, 70cm and 2 metres. Most were on 70cms which was unusual, and 2 were on 23cm (MW1FGQ and G7IEI). It was a bit cold and windy on the summit but not bad on the way up/down.
I was also trying some APRS on 28MHz FM, just to see how it worked on that band. I was receiving at home on some frequency towards 29 MHz and using the FT8900 in the car with 20 watts into a Sirio ML-145 CB antenna. The best DX was from the car park at Whicham (spot the radio mast in the background) back to home, about 9 miles. But later in the afternoon I couldn't make that distance (the car was in the same place) so the noise level must have gone up at home.

Yesterday I worked G7OEM/P on Arnside Knott (SOTA G/LD-058) from home, on 7 MHz SSB.
Useless SOTA fact - in 2009 45% of English chasers used 7 MHz SSB.

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