Tuesday, 23 March 2010

QSL Letter

I got a letter in the post from a German SWL today (Frank from Scheibenberg) to report reception of my WSPR signal on 7 MHz. The report was for the 18th of March and he was using a 1 metre diameter active loop antenna (Wellbrook ALA1530) indoors.
I was surprised to get a reception report by letter because reports are usually uploaded straight to the internet by WSPR but he must not have been online because there is no record on wsprnet.org that anybody in that location received me (I was being received by other German stations at the same time).

Here are the stations less than 500km away who received my 14 MHz WSPR signals.
How are these short distances being covered? Are they short skip of the type you would get on 3.5 - 7 MHz or a more direct path?
G3SZU IO84oc 27
G4YTM IO93gl 134
G4APO IO93ik 146
G4PEC IO95ga 152
G0IMX IO92ao 186
G0NNF IO92al 199
G8MKE IO92al 199
G4EFS IO82vj 201
MM5AHO IO85dw 206
GM0NBM IO85ax 214
G4NJW JO03dh 247
G3RMD IO81xv 258
G0KTN IO81ti 311
G0TTV JO02rn 354
G4CAO IO91si 357

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