Monday, 12 April 2010

Blackpool Rally

Went to Blackpool rally yesterday. I mostly bought antenna stuff, including:
Sandpiper 19 element 23cm yagi (link is to a video)
Watson Multi Ranger 200 HF/VHF mobile antenna
4m/6m dipole
7 metre fishing pole
Also got a 30 watt amplifier for 144 MHz, which I've not tried yet but if it works I'll use it with my FT-817 portable.
Last night I tried the Watson Multi Ranger on my car to check the SWR. To get the resonant frequency within the HF amateur bands, the whip has to be pushed down to its minimum length. But this moves the 2m band resonance up to about 160 MHz.
I've got the 23cm yagi for portable use, with a short piece of RG58 coax to connect between it and my handheld.

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