Sunday, 4 April 2010

Lambrigg Fell 2010

I had a walk up Lambrigg Fell today (SOTA G/LD-046). As it was Easter weekend, I didn't want to go anywhere that might be popular with tourists so Lambrigg Fell it was. This was a really simple SOTA activation, I only took the Alinco handheld with me (with WSMA-270 antenna) and made 5 QSOs. 4 on 2m and 1 on 70cm. The furthest I got was Morecambe and the 2m QSOs were with the 'regulars' G1OHH, G1CCL, G1KLZ and G6LKB. On 70cm I got G1HIB in Morecambe.

On the way back I drove round by Kendal TV mast and Oxenholme, where I had another walk along The Helm.

Kendal TV Mast

The TV RBL antennas are the the vertically polarised troughs pointing at Lancaster. DAB transmit and FM RBL antennas pointing towards Morecambe Bay. The slanted dipole with reflector is for The Bay (103.2) and Lakeland Radio (100.1).

BBC FM antennas (nationals and Radio Cumbria on 95.2) are lower down the mast, above them are the 3 colinears for Airwave.

The GB3LF 70cm repeater is just a bit further north from here, at the same height.

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