Sunday, 2 May 2010

2 Easy North Pennines

Lovely Seat (SOTA G/NP-030) and Great Knoutberry Hill (SOTA G/NP-015) today.
Both take about 30 minutes to walk up, and less going down, and are worth 4 points.
Left home about 1pm and parked at the top of Buttertubs pass. Today I used a 1/4 wave ground plane for 145 MHz, made from 4 telescopic antennas and a BNC socket. This was taped to the fishing pole. All contacts were made on 145 MHz FM today.
From Lovely Seat (at about 3:30pm) I got 2 summit-summit QSOs, G4ZOI on LD-049 Kirkby Moor and G1JTD on NP-010 Pen Y Ghent.
As well as the usual chasers G6LKB and G1CCL, I worked M3ZSV in Thirsk.

1/4 wave ground plane antenna at Lovely Seat

Great Knoutberry Hill from Lovely Seat

From Great Knoutberry (at about 5pm) I got:

Summit of Great Knoutberry Hill

Lovely Seat from Great Knoutberry

Old car parked where I walked from

Got a total of 4 chaser summits today because I also worked G0HIK on Whitbarrow Scar (LD-056) and G1OPV on Pendle Hill (SP-005) this morning, both on 145 MHz FM.

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