Wednesday, 12 May 2010


On Sunday (9th May) I activated Seatallan (SOTA G/LD-025)
Made 30 QSOs from the summit, on 144 MHz SSB and FM. Used my FT-817 into the 30 watt amp which I'd bought at Blackpool rally. This was powered by its own 4Ah 11.1v battery so was putting out around 25 watts when driven with 5 watts from the 817.
The antenna was a slanted dipole like I used on Harter Fell last month. It had been over 5 years since I'd last been to Seatallan.
The relay in the amp doesn't have enough of a delay before it switches back to receive, but it still worked OK, I can't have sounded that bad. The furthest contacts were to G0TRB (Tamowrth), G0NES (Birmingham) and MM0RWJ (Motherwell), all using SSB.
After using the amp for about an hour, I put it on charge and it took 1000mAh to charge it back to full. I've got a Imax B6 charger which shows the amount of charge put into batteries.
The FT-817 and 4Ah battery all fit into a plastic food box.

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