Sunday, 13 June 2010

1980s Design

Not long ago I saw a new CB radio (or should I say single band 28 MHz mobile as they can't be sold as CBs in the UK) for sale, the Superstar Force One
This looks about the same as CB rigs did in 1981 except it has a small LCD screen and USB/SD connectors for external memory (to play music and show photos on the small screen, which is also a large s-meter).
For £300, you'd expect it to have SSB but no, it only has AM and FM so apart from being an expensive digital photo frame, is pretty useless in this country.
They've just kept adding stuff to the old Cobra 148 (there is still a Cobra 148 being made but it's not exactly the same as the original) without making it much better, first the Superstar 3900, then a frequency display with LEDs, next this. There's nothing wrong with the idea of memory card slots in a radio or even one which can play mp3s but does it really have to look like it was made in 1977?

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