Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Ofcom Tech Parameters

For a while, Ofcom (and before that the Radio Authority), have published a spreadsheet of technical parameters for all UK commercial radio and community radio stations. Now they've added all the BBC transmitters so it's a complete list of UK radio broadcast transmitters (AM/FM/DAB).

Stations which have come on air recently in the north west:
Rossendale Radio (Haslingden) 104.7 - Don't look at their website, all it does is show a fake 'virus scan' page!
Manx Radio (Ramsey) 89.5
Point FM (Rhyl) 103.1
Moorlands Radio (Biddulph) 103.7
Alive Radio (Dumfries) 107.3
Peace FM (Hulme) 90.1
North Manchester FM (Moston) 106.6
KCC Live (Knowsley) 99.8
Bolton FM 96.5
Drystone Radio (Sutton In Craven) 106.9

It looks like BBC Radio Cumbria are now using an antenna at the top of Kendal mast on 95.2, instead of the one much lower down which is used for the BBC national stations. The height and radiation pattern are the same as The Bay and Lakeland Radio so probably the same antenna (slanted yagi pointing towards Kendal).

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