Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Boot Mount

I've just put a Watson boot mount on my car but I've had to put it in about the worst possible place because the car just doesn't have any edges which you can clamp something to. The top of the tailgate has an edge but when the boot opens it goes down underneath the roof so if I put something on there it would get stuck.
In the end I tried it on the left side of the tailgate, just below the back windscreen (just below the lights in this picture - that's not my car, I'll put a photo on soon!). This is about halfway between the floor and the roof but with my Watson W7900, I've still got quite a bit of antenna above the roof level. The radiation pattern is going to be weird but I can get a decent SWR with it there. Not had much chance of comparing it with anything yet, I've only been driving round town.
Being lower down, I should be able to put a HF mobile antenna on without it falling off or hitting stuff. I checked the SWR with the MultiRanger 200 and it was OK on 10MHz and upwards, but lower bands were no good, probably because it's fixed to the tailgate and not straight onto the car body.
Coax is 5D-FB which is 7.6mm so won't go through gaps in doors etc. so the boot mount has a bit of thin white coax crimped onto the end of it to stick through the gap.
I've got a Nagoya UT-108 mini magmount antenna coming too, so that'll be something to compare it against.

Why are laptop DVD drives so slow at reading discs? I'm trying to make an ISO image of a DVD and it's taking forever, doing about 2.5X.

Is the data network on 440/453MHz being closed down? Half of the base stations seem to have gone off round here, a few went off maybe about a year ago but recently more have gone including the one in Barrow on 440.4125 and Hameldon Hill on 453.3375. They were good 'beacons' for checking antennas and UHF propagation.

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