Thursday, 12 August 2010

PSK Reporter

I installed the latest version of Ham Radio Deluxe (Version 5) and tried PSK Reporter.
There was a problem with my USB CI-V cable to the IC-7000, Windows 7 doesn't like it and as soon as I tried to change frequency using Ham Radio Deluxe, there was a Blue Screen Of Death. It seems that this happens sometimes when using USB adaptors which are based on the Prolific chip, the other sort which have FTDI chips in aren't as bad.
Digital Master 780 still works without a CI-V connection to the rig, it just doesn't know what frequency it's on.
After leaving Digital Master on for a while on 14.070, receiving PSK31 signals, I had 100 received stations and 25 countries. I put a few CQ calls out myself and some stations received me (I saw them through the PSK Reporter site, as well as having one Russian station actually reply to me over the air).

I like these 'automatic' modes, they might not be proper contacts but you still need to be able to transmit some kind of a radio signal for anybody to be able to receive you so I think it's still proper radio. You don't need loads of power just to be louder than the person you're trying to shout over the top of to work that DX station.

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