Sunday, 1 August 2010


Yarlside (SOTA G/NP-019) which I activated today. Even though it's over 600m, it's one of the worse hills to get out from because it's behind other higher North Pennine hills in the direction that most people are.
Used the FT-817 into a mobile antenna (half wave) on 2m FM and SSB.

The view south with Baugh Fell NP-012 in front, Aye Gill Pike NP-023 in the middle distance and Great Coum NP-011 in the background. I walked up from the main road at Cautley. There is an Orange phone mast at Cautley but once at the top, there is also 3G mobile coverage from 3. Not many hills of that height have decent phone coverage at the top, but this one might be better just because it's screened from anywhere else so no co-channel interference from other cells.

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