Sunday, 19 September 2010

Pendle Boulsworth Rombalds Cracoe

Pendle Hill from Boulsworth Hill - 12th September

War memorial at the top of Cracoe Fell - 13th September. I stood next to this on the East side to shelter from the rain. So if you were to the west, that may be why you never heard me

Had to make do with only handhelds for this trip, the FT-817's power plug suddenly stopped fitting properly (it had worked OK before) and I hadn't brought any SMA to PL-259 adaptors. I thought the 817's power socket had been damaged or just worn out but that night I tried the 9 volt PSU which came with my Eken M003 Android tablet (also using a 4/1.7mm connector) and it worked OK.

I made a QSO on 144.6125 MHz D-Star from Boulsworth Hill with G0DFO who wasn't very far away. I was a good signal except it was a windy day up there and there was a lot of wind noise in my microphone. Which reminded me of the limits of voice communication over radio.
1)Everything we needed to know could have been transmitted in the data which is automatically sent with each transmission
2)No matter how noise free and spectrum efficient digital voice is, it's still only as good as your microphone and loudspeaker
3)Somebody still has to be there to talk to you

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