Sunday, 24 October 2010

The 13s

Old Man Of Coniston G/LD-013 - 21st October
Used FT-817 into mobile antenna taped to a broom handle. Rained on the way up.

Also used the 70 MHz Wouxun handheld to work G4RQJ and G7RNX.
The FT-817's voltage was dropping from 11.1 to 8.9 on transmit. The LiPo battery wasn't flat (after putting about 1Ah into it afterwards it was fully charged) so there must have been some high resistance joint in line, could be the power connector because there isn't much contact area between the socket and the board where I re-soldered it.

Gun G/SP-013 - 24th October
Used Icom IC-E91 handheld and the battery kept going flat, even though it hadn't been used on transmit since I charged it a few days ago. Maybe it was the cold? The battery meter was reading full but when going back to receive, the radio would switch itself off (never halfway through a transmission). In low power, this never happened. I've had this happen before. I know the battery will discharge after a couple of weeks of non-use but not this quickly.

Summit to Summit with G/WB-007 Heath Mynd

APRS tracker now on a sticky mat instead of a taped up mess

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