Wednesday, 29 December 2010

New Laptop

Bought a new laptop yesterday (well it was the 'January' sales) - an Acer Aspire 4820T.
With a 14" screen, its just a bit more portable than the average laptop, without losing any of the features like a DVD drive. My last laptop had an 11" screen (and still had a DVD drive) and I think the medium sized models are best (11 - 14" screens), being someone who uses their laptop mostly away from home.
Netbooks look nice and easy to carry around but there are many times when I need to burn a CD or DVD away from home, or even just watch a DVD.
I've had an Acer laptop before, a Travelmate 4101 which I had from May 2005 - March 2008.

Also today I got 2 new handheld antennas (Nagoya NA-701 and NA-702) which are SMA-M fitting 2m/70cms. These are about 21 and 28cm long, somewhere between the standard antenna supplied with the handheld and the largest 'Super Gainer' whips. The 40cm long whips are a bit big to use when carrying a radio inside my coat or bag.
The biggest improvement is away from the amateur bands, increasing the length slightly has given a much wider bandwidth because a smaller loading coil is used. I recently got a Watson WSMA-7000 (18cm long) and that was no better than any of the original handheld antennas.
The shorter of the 2 new antennas (NA-701) seems slightly better on UHF.

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Steve GW7AAV said...

Hi Simon, I insisted on getting an external DVD writer when I got my netbook and I haven't used it since I bought it. I used to use the one on my desktop all the time but since I got my Win 7 machine I have only used the drive once and that was to install the latest version of MS Office. I find these days the USB stick replaces CDs and DVDs for most things. 128GBs or more on a memory stick means even movies can be stored to watch on the move. I was hoping to try mobile datamodes with the netbook but still haven't done it.

Have a great 2011 Steve GW7AAV