Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Old Stuff

Some old radios of mine:
Fidelity CB3000 homebase. 40 UK channels. I don't think I've ever talked to anyone on this, probably got it off someone giving up and left it in a cupboard for the last few years.

AOR AR1500 scanner. 0.5 - 1300 MHz AM/FM/SSB, 1000 memories.
I used to have one of these from 1994 - 1996 (first scanner I owned) but bought another 2nd hand in 2007 just to remember what it was like. It doesn't have a lot of the features you would get on a more modern receiver but at the time it was one of the best. This one is probably in better condition than my old one before I lost it but my old one was an AR1500EX, whatever that meant. I've got the case for this, just took it off to take the picture.

Realistic PRO-50 scanner. 20 memories. 68 - 88, 137 - 174 and 406-512 MHz FM only.
I bought this in November 1996 after my AR1500 was stolen. It was the cheapest scanner at the time and cost about £50. It was an 'American style' scanner, with only 5 KHz steps on VHF. It was enough to last me until January 1998 when I got a 2m/70cm ADI handheld. It looks a mess because it's not grey plastic, it's black plastic painted grey and the paint started coming off soon after I bought it.