Thursday, 3 March 2011

Kirkby Moor

Activated Kirkby Moor (SOTA G/LD-049) on Sunday 27th February.
Used Alinco handheld on 2m and Wouxun handheld on 4m, with Garex whip. Summit to Summit with Alex G7RNX/P who was on Cracoe Fell (SOTA G/NP-032).

Soldered a new PL-259 plug on my 2m/70cm antenna coax at home tonight, because the weight of the LMR400 coax had snapped the inside of the plug (the brown insulator bit). I only noticed when I unscrewed the plug and the centre pin stayed in the radio.

For testing serial port radio interfaces, try ComTest, which can be used to control the DTR and RTS lines on your serial port. The DOS/Windows MODE command is supposed to switch DTR and RTS but when I tried in in Windows XP, nothing happened.

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