Friday, 11 March 2011

SWR plots for new car

Here are the 2m and 70cm SWR plots for the Nagoya NL-77B dual bander on the new car. This is with a small Sirio magmount towards the back of the car nearside. There is less than a metre between the dual bander and the broadcast antenna.
For some reason the Nagoya doesn't give a very good SWR on 145 MHz, this was the same on the old car and with a different magmount. It's under 2:1 though.
At UHF though, it's very good if a bit high in frequency, there aren't the usual reflections on the coax, this might be to do with the magmount and coax being quite new.

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Steve GW7AAV said...

I have found Nagoya dual band antennas to be poor in quality and bandwidth. The almost identical looking but slightly more expensive Diamond antennas have proved much better in bandwidth, performance and build quality. Diamond wire antennas leave something to be desired but their mobile one are spot on.