Saturday, 10 December 2011

PC Monitor

I've got PC Monitor installed on my main computer at home, which lets me check on running processes, event logs and hardware while I'm out of the house, using an Android app on my phone (also available for iOS and Windows).
It also lets me stop processes and shut down the PC, which is useful if anything has gone wrong and needs stopping.
The radio can be shut down automatically with the PC using one of the "standby saver" 8 way socket boards, which turns off all the slave sockets when the master socket current drops.
When I tried to put the PC to sleep with WSPR running, on waking up WSPR started transmitting and receiving at the same time, so probably not a good idea to remotely put a PC to sleep if its in the middle of doing something.

Got a RF Explorer (240 - 960 MHz handheld spectrum analyser) as an early Xmas present. One small problem with it is that the frequency displayed is about 40KHz too low, but apart from that it's a really good piece of kit.

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