Sunday, 8 July 2012


Trying JT65-HF tonight, on 14.076 MHz. Not had any 2-way QSOs yet but I've been received by UT7KF, OH7AZL and AK4TP with my 5 watts from the Flex-1500.
I've put a wire antenna inside the loft just for something to use on HF until I get the outside antennas sorted. It's a bit less than 10 metres of horizontal wire fed with the red "long wire balun", with coax going into the loft. The best SWR is on 29 MHz but it works on other HF bands with the auto tuner. On 28 MHz the PC mouse stops working when transmitting, and because it's a PS/2 mouse, it's goodbye mouse until rebooting.
Tomorrow I hope to get the Comet tri-bander on the chimney.

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