Sunday, 22 July 2012


Noise levels on the Solarcon A99 at home, Sunday morning. In a 2.5KHz bandwidth with the antenna tuned up on transmit before taking the measurement.
27.990 MHz = -103dBm
24.990 MHz = -103dBm
21.440 MHz = -98dBm
18.165 MHz = -100dBm
14.350 MHz = -100dBm
Measured on the Flex 1500. (-73dBm or is usually the S9 signal reference).
On the 14 MHz band, the noise level is around 3dB higher on the wire antenna, with 3dB higher wanted signals.
At night, noise levels are a bit higher.

For some reason, my PC clock has started drifting by 9 seconds per hour. Changing the BIOS battery hasn't improved it at all and I need to update the clock at least once every 10 minutes now to keep it accurate for WSPR and JT65.

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