Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Netmonitor Kinmel Bay

Using Netmonitor (Android) with 3G turned off on the O2 network at Kinmel Bay, North Wales.
Active cell and neighbour cell channels. Channel 121 is 959.2 MHz (935+(channel*0.2))
There is a menu item to manually select what frequency to put the phone on but doesn't seem to be supported on the Galaxy Note.
I brought the FT817 with me but forgot the USB to serial cable to get the data cable to work with my laptop.
The caravan site I'm staying at is using a 169 MHz simplex frequency for their radios (I'm not staying at a school or a kitchen appliance factory so you have 4 choices to guess from!).

The white colinear is for public Wi-Fi around the site. The dipole looks like it's for 169MHz. There are also 2 UHF dipoles round the other side of the building, but haven't seen anyone using UHF radios.

A big caravan site across the road is also using VHF Hi-Band but with a repeater.

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