Saturday, 21 February 2015

Superfast Broadband

The Belkin that put out all that QRM on 145MHz has finally gone
Replaced by this "monstrosity" (as my XYL calls it - BT fixed the boxes to the wall).
The Technicolor TG582N (lower box) is actually an ADSL modem router but one of the ethernet sockets can be used as a WAN connection. It has new firmware on it, with Plusnet FTTC branding.

As the BT modem has to be next to the master socket, I bought a WiFi bridge to connect my wired network to the internet. Before I had the Belkin modem router next to my PC, and a small wired network (D-Link NAS, PC, gigabit switch) plugged into that.

The Edimax CV-7428NS bridge sat on top of my D-Link DNS-320 NAS. It doesn't come with a power supply, just a USB cable, so I've powered it from the front USB port on the NAS.
The bridge has 5 ethernet ports but they are only 100 meg so aren't good enough for a direct connection between PC and NAS. That's what the Zyxel switch is for.

Downloading an Ubuntu iso file, with the WiFi bridge. This was at 8:30am on Sunday. A 1GB file took around 3 minutes to download. The download speed is advertised at 40Mbps but the line is probably able to do a lot faster as you could choose either 40 or 80 (for an extra cost).

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Photon said...

What an issue broadband is these days! We're on a terrestrial microwave link - via a relay because we can't see the main repeater. It goes offline far too often, so I'm glad the thing was paid for by the Welsh Government. There's no real alternative with BT struggling to get an ancient network up to speed, even with massive subsidies. I might yet have to buy a sat system. Glad your QRM device has gone!