Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Bigland Barrow

A visit to Bigland Barrow, one of Wainwright's Outlying Fells (WOTA LDO-112).
I'd set off this morning to do Gummer's How (SOTA G/LD-050) but the traffic slowed to a halt at Haverthwaite so I diverted to Bigland Hall and walked to Bigland Barrow instead.
This is one of my nearest Outlying Fells (or any Wainwright) and is only a short walk.
Took the FT-817 and W50 antenna, which was a change for this summit as it's usually somewhere I just want a quick walk to and only need the one contact to qualify for WOTA.
Today I made 8 QSOs, including G0HIO/P on Harter Fell SOTA G/LD-028.

View of almost the entire walk from where I parked

 A few local summits to the west

"Wartime relic, now in a state of disrepair", which is useful for increasing the antenna height

I should have been here

Another Outlying Fell, Newton Fell North is around 3km to the east. This is used as a Wi-Fi link site and one of the channels was strong enough to be picked up on my phone (SSID NF-SH, channel 116, 5580MHz) as Bigland Barrow is almost directly in line with the beam.

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