Monday, 8 August 2016

DMR Stats

Had a look at how many people are registered on the DMR MARC database, from the UK. This gives a rough idea of how many people have ever transmitted on a DMR radio in the amateur bands. There's nothing stopping you setting the radio ID to anything you want, especially on simplex, but I think most people would register.

Total DMR IDs:
19th May 2016 = 3641
8th August 2016 = 4035
That's an increase of about 10% in the last 71 days (or 6 new IDs per day). It's still only around 5% of the total UK amateur licences. But 4000 is a very large number if you compare it with say the number of people entering a VHF contest or logging Summits On The Air contacts in the database.
It will be interesting to see how the total increases over time, 

Breakdown by callsign type (England only)
Total England = 3353
2E0 = 496
2E1 = 38
G0 = 306
G1 = 185
G2 = 7
G3 = 92
G4 = 331
G5 = 4
G6 = 182
G7 = 225
G8 = 185
M0 = 533
M1 = 124
M3 = 163
M5 = 12
M6 = 470

That may or may not be a reflection of how many of each callsign type are active on the air in general, as newly licenced amateurs could be more attracted to modern tech gadgets rather than traditional equipment.

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