Wednesday, 10 August 2016

WSPR Stats

After looking at how many people are using DMR, I thought I'd look into how many people were using one of my favourite modes - WSPR. As almost every reception report is logged and displayed online, this is quite easy.
I got the data from KB9AMG's site which shows "2 way" reception reports. These are where both stations have logged reception of each other and uploaded this to the WSPR spots database, rather than actually having a 2 way QSO. This is a pretty reliable way of counting all stations who were active, removing any false decodes.
I combined the data from the months of May, June and July 2016.

In 3 months, in England, 493 stations were active on WSPR.
Breakdown by callsign type:
2E0 = 45
2E1 = 3
G0 = 56
G1 = 21
G2 = 1
G3 = 50
G4 = 91
G6 = 20
G7 = 32
G8 = 29
M0 = 103
M1 = 12
M3 = 10
M5 = 4
M6 = 16

Compared to the figures for DMR (see the last blog post), there is much less interest from Foundation and Intermediate licence holders. As with DMR, the M0 callsigns are the most common (21%, compared to 16% of DMR), but G4s are not far behind at 18%, which is much higher than their 10% share of DMR registrations.

Worldwide, there were a total of 3990 stations active in the 3 months on WSPR. Most of these were only active in one of the 3 months
Breakdown by months active:
3 = 871 (22%)
2 = 935
1 = 2184

Where are all the G0s? Shouldn't there be at least as many as G4s (G0 callsign range was almost fully issued) and M0s (still not fully issued)?

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