Monday, 10 October 2016

Weekend on 145.500

Here is a log of daytime activity heard at my house on 145.500 (somewhere around 9am - 3pm) this weekend. I recorded it while I wasn't at the radio and had a listen through the recordings tonight. I think I have all the callsigns right.

Saturday 8th October 2016:
Listen to the recording
M6ANX (Barrow) calling
2E0LBI (Barrow) replied to M6ANX
M3RDZ called M6VGU
G0MRL called G0KNK
2E0LBI (mobile) called 2E0EVD and G0GSJ
M0TEB/M (Barrow) replied to 2E0LBI
GW4TJC/P called CQ from SOTA NW-039 Foel Goch
2E0LBI/P called CQ
M6ANX replied to 2E0LBI/P
MI0RRE replied to someone
MI0HBO called another MI0 station
M6ANX called 2E0SLK
2E0LBI called M6DHV
MI0GDO called MI0TLG/M
M6ANX called G4RQJ

That's quite a few stations from Northern Ireland, there might have been a bit of a lift on VHF today

Sunday 9th October 2016:
Listen to the recording
2E0LBI/P called 2E0EVD
M3RDZ called M6VGU (Burnley)
G0HIO/P called CQ SOTA - no location given on the air but from the Sotawatch website spots, it was probably Tarn Crag LD-026.
M6UXH/P calling CQ WOTA from LDW014 Blencathra (also SOTA LD008). Not very many replies to her CQ calls. Signal got better towards the end.
2E0MIX (Whitehaven) called M6UXH/P
2E0EVD called M0TEB
G8INU had a word with 2E0RZG before they went to 433.525 (Lytham St Annes area)
G6POI (Burton In Kendal) called G0??? and spoke to G0KSS and G3VVT (Kendal and Burton, neither of whom I could hear)
G0UAA (Burnley) called G0OCK
M6DHV (Barrow) called 2E0SLK

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