Friday, 16 December 2016

No FT-817

I no longer have an FT-817 (or anything which can receive or transmit SSB on any frequency).
Still got 28MHz FM from the FT-8900 in the car, so I do have HF, but I usually forget about that as I don't drive round with any antenna which can do 10 metres.
The 817 needed some work doing on it which after months I never got round to doing, but hopefully someone else has got it sorted now (or just using it to listen on).

Off to Manchester tomorrow in the car so I should be getting some APRS reports as I travel down the motorway. Been running APRS for just over 7 years now. Many new radios come with APRS built in now, but what would make them better would be some kind of internet connection via WiFi or ethernet, so they could work as APRS internet gateways (either on receive only or both rx and tx).

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