Saturday, 7 January 2017

Today's S20 activity

People calling CQ on 145.500 today, on my recording made at home between about 9:30am and 4pm:
  • M0BKQ/P on Whernside (SOTA G/NP-004)
  • M0KCB/P - no summit references given but the first call was for both SOTA and WOTA so looking at the WOTA website, shows an activation of Gummers How (LDO-067) in the morning. A later call was "CQ WOTA" only, so probably Staveley Fell, (LDO-084).
  • G8INU (Blackpool area)
  • Some stations calling others
 Other stations heard
  • 2E0MVH calling through GB3MP 145.750 - spoke to Sean on the repeater (it's a while since I've been on MP!)

I spoke to M0BKQ/P while I was out in the car this morning, first SOTA chaser QSO and first voice QSO of 2017.

If you do put a call out on 145.500 at the weekend, even if you don't get any replies, there's a good chance I'll have heard you if you're within VHF range. Weekdays I usually run the APRS gateway instead. I'm going to try and post as many reception reports as I can from the calling channel, if I'm recording or not able to get back to someone.

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