Monday, 27 March 2017

Good VHF/UHF Conditions

On Saturday, conditions on VHF and UHF were really good. Hearing a lot of activity from Ireland, and even signals from as near as Blackpool were a lot better than normal.

The video is just my radio scanning round 2m and 70cm, showing what kind of signals I was getting from some DMR repeaters, the best propagation was to GB7UL on 439.525 at Carrickfergus.

On 145MHz, GB3MP on 145.750 was a bit stronger than normal, you can hear some interference on all the VHF signals, like a clicking noise. This happens at certain times of day, and is on top of the already high noise level - if I turned the squelch down on the FT-7900, it would be showing S3 of noise right across the 144MHz amateur band.

I could hear a repeater on 439.100 which had an Echolink conversation on it, that isn't a repeater frequency used anywhere in the UK for analogue or digital, and the only mention I could find online was a repeater in Germany. I couldn't find any CTCSS tone when scanning for one either.

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