Thursday, 21 September 2017

Baofeng BF-888 Charger

Inside a Baofeng BF-888 charger

The output is around 5 volts through a resistor, 2.2 ohms. Probably turns red LED off and green LED on when voltage across this falls below transistor junction voltage (fully charged cell around 4.2v). Green LED comes on whenever a radio is put into the charger.
Not too many components and no need to pack them in too tightly like in a plug top USB charger.
Not the worst separation between high and low voltage sections that I've seen.

Shaver adaptor with 1 amp fuse. The mains cable is the same stuff as you would get on the low voltage side of something like a battery charger. If anything did go wrong inside the charger, I wouldn't like to have that cable on an unfused outlet on a 32A ring circuit. The input goes through a low value resistor as it enters the circuit board, which would burn out very quickly with the full mains voltage across it though.

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